Monday, July 1, 2013

Book Review: The Pajamas of My Dreams by Laurie Collins

Title: The Pajamas of My Dreams
Author: Laurie Collins
Ilustrator: Margie Florini
Publisher: Three Bean Press
Published: 2013
Rating: ★★★★

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Children dream of what their futures hold--what will they be when they grow up? But some children don't have the luxury of dreaming big. Sometimes wishes are far simple and more immediate.
This book only consist of 26 pages. And yes, there is not much words on it, but the ilustrations amazed me! They all are so beautiful : ) Each picture has its own story and all of them have the same beginning:

"I climb into bed, pull the covers up tightly, close my eyes and..."

There are several dreams of some children. Those dreams were described so casually, like what the real children would think of. The dreams were various, from paleontologiest until "I dream of being warm and safe in my bed at night." The last dream was a little bit touching. I imagine it as the dream of poor childrean and homeless people. This book is recommended for any children : ) I think it is very helpful for them to get to know another professions.

These are some ilustrations inside the book:

Author's Note
This book was inspired by my involvement with a Pajama Drive held each year by the nonprofit organization Cradles to Crayons. Cradles to Crayons provides local children in need with clothes, shoes, books and school supplies that they collect from the community and process in an incredibly organized fashion at their Giving Factory locations in Boston and Phildelphia.

There is no lovelier point in the day for caregiver than when they tuck a child into bed, read a story, give them a kiss and probably "just one more drink of water." Then they watch them slip off into the world of their dreams. Cradles to Crayons helped me to realize that not all children have this privilage.

My dream is that all children go to bed in snug pajamas, not hungry or cold, thus able to sing their own lullaby of a promising future as they fal to sleep. - Laurie Collins 

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