Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Book Review: A Sea Change by Veronica Henry

Title: A Sea Change
Author: Veronica Henry
Publisher: Orion Books Ltd
Year Published: 2013
Pages: 90
Price: $1.96
My Rating: ★★★

Jenna is known as The Ice Cream Girl. She doesn't mind the name one bit. After all, there are far worse jobs than selling ice creams by the sea. Then one hot summer's day, everything changes and Jenna faces the most difficult decision of her life.
Craig spends as much time as he can at the beach hut in Everdene he rents with a few of his mates. It's the perfect break from his stressful job, and he loves to surf. But one weekend he notices a girl on the beach - for all the wrong reasons.
For Jenna and Craig, it's a chance meeting which could change their lives for ever..
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This book is about two different people, with different backgrounds, living on a different path, but still they find something interesting in each others. Jenna met Craig on a bar, just a few second, but she ended up with him in a really unexpected way. I think this book is really suitable for people who like reading but they don't have much time to do it. Quick Reads offers you many titles with a cheap price that you can carry everywhere. The font size is larger than normal novel, but it helps you to read clearly without glasses. I found myself grumbling because the story ended up pretty quick. I need more story about Jenna and Craig. I wanna know how Jenna's life will be after she won the price.

About the author:
Veronica Henry went to the Royal School in Bath and studied Latin at the University of Bristol, then began her career as a production secretary on The Archers, where her duties ranged from organising Shula Archer's wedding photographs with Patrick Lichfield to playing Peaches the barmaid in the Cat and Fiddle.

From there she went to Central Television to script-edit such broadcasting legends as Crossroads and Boon. She left to have her first child in 1990 and becamea scriptwriter, writing hundreds of hours of broadcast television for Heartbeat, Doctors and Holby City amongst others.

In 2000, she turned her hand to novels, using her story-lining skills to write compelling, multi-protagoinist fiction. The Long Weekend is her tenth novel. Veronica also writes features and short stories for newspapers and magazines, including The Daily Mail, Woman and Home and Red Magazine. See example here. She lives in North Devon with her husband and three sons. (Source: Official Website)

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