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Title: Mermother: An Account of What Happened in the Sea

Author: Elizabeth Jane Wolf
Publisher: CreatSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Year Published: 2013
Pages: 190
Rating: ★★★

A young woman explores the ancient mysteries of the sea in an unforgettable adventure of friendship and family. Escaping from an abusive past, she finds solace in an underwater world full of beauty, wealth, and power. Discover how her life is transformed as she struggles to find true love in a world that forbids it. This novel has been published as a fundraiser for the International Ocean Institue.


Mermother is a new stuff for me, definitely. The last mermaids story that I've read is The Little Mermaids and I can't remember the exact story anymore. Thanks to Elizabeth Jane Wolf, the author of Mermother, for giving me a signed paperback for an honest review. I was thrilled when I received the package from Canada.

I was breathing the sea. I could barely believe it. How was this possible? But for some reason, it was. I was doing it.

The journey of Briony started when she found herself laying naked in a tide pool--a big one, right at the water's edge. She remembered she was having a party with her boyfriend, Lazarus. While her mind was wandering around, a beautiful perfect looking girl showed up in front of her, trying to make conversation. That girl named Sylvie. She was there everyday and watched Briony every night when she was sleeping. Briony was curious where that girl lived because it must not far. When Briony accepted Sylvie's invitation to her house, Briony found out what kind of creature her new friend was.

Briony's adventure under the water started. She found it so amazing and Sylvie had convinced her that she'd beter stay in the sea instead of Lazarus' house. They both shared everything about their own life. But one day, Briony saw what one of Sylvie's sister had done to an innocent man. They were no longer harmonize. They were disagree at some points which made Briony walked back to her real life. After a few hours in land, Briony found out that she was no longer exist there and Lazarus had cheated on her. So she decided to back to the tide pool. She couldn't live far from the sea. She needed it!

When she was on the way back, she met a mermen! He was her bodyguard who she never thought of. That mermen, Trayo, told her the real story about how she ended up in the tide pool, what his sister had planned for her. She couldn't help it. She was a mermother and she found a perfect father for her merbaby.

Could she keep her baby as the mer dad promised her?
Would the father join his new family in the sea?

You have to find out the answer by yourself : ) The story is pretty exciting. The life under the water is described very good so I didn't have problem to imagine it. You can find a lot of explanation about mermaid. Well, in this book, it's not mermaid but it's mer. When I read the book, I found myself in the tide pool beside Briony and Sylvie. I was there, listened to their conversation. I sometimes mumbled when I disagree with Sylvie's theory. When Briony tried to breath the sea, I imagined myself trying to do so. But of course, I remembered that it's a fiction. Oh God, I really wish I could breath the sea!

The problem is, this book consist only 180 pages but the typing style is not in standard. I mean, the font is too small and my mother complained about that. And the margin is too narrow, I think, compared to most novels I've read. The size of the book is bigger, but the paper have a great quality! At first, I thought it was hard to flip the page, but I was wrong because each paper is thicker than usual : ) Okayyyy... So that is all I think about this book. If you like mermaid things, I suggest you to read this, or if you love the sea! This book also has been published as a fundraiser for the International Ocean Institute.

About the Author:
She is a lifelong bibliophile and love nothing more than flopping onto her bed and throwing herself inside a good book. She has read thousands of books but is yet to add them on Goodreads. She lives in a very small town on Vancouver Island. Books have kept her entertained over the years and also lull her to sleep at night. Writing her own novel has given her a lot of insight into how much work is involved and she is now in awe of the fearsome talent some authors possess. She believes that everyone has a powerful story inside them and we can never have too many books. If you'd like to hear about her experiences with writing her first novel, she is happy to share.

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