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The Last Boyfriend

Title: The Last Boyfriend
Author: J.S. Cooper
Publisher: J.S. Cooper
Year Published: 2013
Pages: 223
Price: $2.99 (iBook)
Rating: ★★★

I was hypnotized by the cover at the first place. Who doesn't think that the man is so hot! Many people on Goodreads agree with me :) So I finally had someone bought this for me. Thank you! This book is written by an indie british author who live in US. This is actually an adult book, but I will skip telling you about the "adult" scene.

This story is about Lucky, a college student who had a part time job at a diner. She had been single for a year. She had gone from boyfriend to boyfriend when she was a freshmen. After the last break up, she decided that she wasn't going to date just to date anymore. She wanted to make sure that any guy that she dated had the possibility of being her last boyfriend that had to fit these criteria:
  1. He had to be honest.
  2. He had to be good-looking, but not too hot, or he would've too many women after him, something she knew from experience.
  3. He had to be looking for a serious relationship, but not be too old or too desperate to settle down.
  4. He had to be financially secure, but not too rich, or too many women would be after him.
  5. He had to be funny, loyal, faithful, and modest.
  6. He had to agree to wait for sex until they were married or engaged.
Her decision was ruined by a guy named Zane. He was came to diner every Friday with a different girl each week. Lucky couldn't deny that he was so cute, sexy, and of course very nice because he left a big tip for her. One day, Lucky went to a movie release party where she saw Zane outside the diner. She had a little conversation with him. She couldn't get him out of her mind! When Lucky met a hollywood star, Braydon Eagle, seemed to have interest in her, Zane turned out over protective.

The story continued with Lucky worked as Zane assistant. He took her to LA for a documentary project. They lived together and had 'fun'. Lucky knew she would never be together with Zane because Zane told her that he didn't do love. He didn't want commitment. As they lived together, Lucky discovered a bigger problems on Zane. He kept telling her to stay away from Braydon but all she could know was a jealousy. On the other hand, Braydon kept telling her that Zane was insane. Zane must had been crazy because of his brother, Noah. Lucky felt like she was trapped between the story of Zane's and Braydon's version.

What happened to Noah? Where is he now? Why Zane and Braydon hate each other? And why Zane is so care about Anglique while he told her there's nothing to do about her?

When I read about Lucky's criteria of her last boyfriend, I told myself, "Hey, same here! But is it possible?" This story is kind of related on my own life. I didn't jump off of boy to boy, but since I'm in college and more maturer, I think I wan't to wait my last boyfriend. Someone like Zane maybe? Well, I hope not that complicated. Okay, let's skip this part.

I'm pretty sure the potrait on the cover is Zane. Well, I imagine him that way :) The 'adult' scene only brought up few times and I skipped that part. This book also contents of a small part of Civil War. Lucky wass taking History as her major and the documentary that they were working on was about Civil War. I hope that part isn't a fiction. What I like most about this book is that the author made readers keep wondering about Zane's past life. I could feel what Lucky was feeling. She was a strong girl! She was so open while Zane was starting to open himself. It must had been hard for her to see any women kissed Zane on his lips even they were just friends. It must had been hard to tell herself not to be in love with Zane. I'm happy this story has a happy ending :) I feel sorry for both loss. Zane is like the ideal last boyfriend for any girl in the world.

This book was on #54 USA Today Bestseller for its first week. There will be a prequel called The Last Husband. The cover is still the same man, but only looks maturer with a suit. The sequel will continue Zane and Lucky's story and will be told from both of their perspectives (wow, i'm so excited!!) This book will be published and released on June 27th, 2013. Visit J.S. Cooper's official website here.

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  1. Funny - I read another book with this same guy on the cover. He is definitely attractive!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  2. This book sounds exciting.. I wonder if my age is suitable for this book xD I'm 17 btw

    nice review, made me feel extreme curiousity ;)

  3. This book sounds really interesting, but I don't think this is my cup of tea. So, maybe I will read it and maybe not. But thanks for your review :)

  4. Nice review. Good to know the story's not complete.

  5. I really enjoyed this book, I can't wait for the next one to come out!