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Title: Hush (Lakeview Series)
Author: Stacey R. Campbell
Publisher: Green Darner Press
Year Published: 2012

Price: $11.20
Rating: ★★★

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For small-town girl Blakely Henry, any hope of finding her biological parents died when she stopped believing in fairy tales and Disney princess. That is, until she spots her boarding school's new British exchange student, Max Ryder, staring at her. Why would a boy who looks like he stepped out of the pages of a magazine be looking at her? Because Max knows something Blakely doesn't. 
Following the tragic demise of one of Europe's most beloved royal families, Max has stumbled upon information he thinks may lead to a lost royal heir, and now he is on a quest halfway around the world to see if he's right. 
Sworn to secrecy by his university professor and the headmaster of Lakeview Academu, Max is admitted into an exchange program with the sole purpose of finding out the truth. But will his personal feelings for Blakely get in the way? When a stolen email surfaces, Blakely and her friends' lives are threatened, and Max starts to question what he is really after. From the exclusive rolling lawns of Canada's most prestigious boarding school to the University of Saint Andrews' hallowed grounds, Blakely's quiet, unassuming life is turned upside down. Is she really who she thinks she is? Can she survive long enough to help Max unearth the truth?
This e-ARC of this book was given to me FREE in exchange of honest review.
There might be a minor spoiler. You've been warned!

First of all, I totally like the cover. It's simple, vintage, and elegant. The story is good. It reminds me of Mia Thermapolis, The Princess of Genovia in The Princess Diaries movie. There were two main characters here. Blakely, who was a regular student in a boarding school, was adopted and never knew who her real parents were. She was a pretty popular student. Max Ryder was a colleger in St. Andrew. He did a project which occured him to pretend as an exchange student in Blakely's boarding school. He had to found out whether Blakely was the lost princess or not.

For me, the author describes Blakely and Max as too perfect people. Max was described like Alex Pettyfer (which is so damn cool!!) and well, Blakely just a hotty in school but she was hard to get. It would be nice if one of them wasn't so perfect. There were a lot of chapters in this book. You will be brought at 1993 at the first page and jump few years later where Blakely grew up in a good family. One thing about this book was that it was just too easy. I thought the story was predictable until that annoying jurnalist showed up! I think at that point the story became more interesting. I did hoped that the jurnalist would make more troubles, but he didn't. He was jailed by the bad parties and gone for the rest of the story. But there will be the next book, probably until four. I really hope the story will not only about Blakely and Max.

These are some question of the interview with the author on the few last pages:

Who is Blakely really?
The character of Blakely is loosely based on our oldest daughter. I wish there were a real Max for her, but at this point, she is still looking.

Where did you get the idea for Hush?
Every night, we gather around the table dinner. On one such evening, several years ago, we were discussing the British royal family. "Well, there's both Tudor and Middleton on my side of the family," my husband informed our girls. "Does that mean I could be a princess?" a much younger Blakely asked. "Only if several hundred people died first," I told her. "But what if that happened? What if there was some sort of big family reunion and they all died?" And the idea was born...

What motivated you to write Hush?
I wanted to do something with out oldest daughter. She had just started her first year at boarding school, and the loss of her in our day-to-day life was devastating. So, I thought, I'm going to write a book for her, and if I'm lucky, she will help me. I was lucky.

Are there plans for more Lakeview novels?
There are plans for at least two more Lakeview novels, one for each of our girls, and I am toying with an idea for a fourth. No, that does not mean we are having another baby.

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  1. I hadn't heard of this one before, and it looks intriguing! I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for it. Too bad it was pretty predictable, but normally I can handle it. Great review!

    Taylor @ Reading is the Thing